At LNLC, it is our desire for people to have a place to build healthy relationships with others and God. We believe the best way to do this is in a small group setting, that we call Connect Groups.

Quite frankly, when we read the Bible nowhere do we read about God encouraging us to be lone rangers. Yeah, it’s often true that when we’re going through our darkest moments we want to go it alone, perhaps because of embarrassment or shame. Answers, encouragement, and the challenge to change are rarely found in isolation.

It’s in the context of community that we grow and share in the highs and lows of life. The Bible shows us that God’s original intent was that we would journey through life together, it also shows us two are better than one, and what Jesus came to do wasn’t just save you by His grace, but intentionally place you in a redemptive community where you would change as a result of the encouragement and challenge of others. So it’s in the context of Connect Groups that we believe your life is going to change the most. That’s where you’re going to grow. 

When we regularly get together with other people on the same journey, that’s where we can be known, loved, celebrated and served. That’s church the way God meant it to be. If you’re simply planning on attending a weekend experience at LNLC, you’ll be missing out on a huge part of what we’re all about.

Our Connect Groups meet in host homes around our community for the dual purpose of fellowship and ministry. We run our Connect Groups by Quarter with a few weeks off in between.